Our livestock are raised in a natural environment with  organic feed free from antibiotics, hormones, growth additives or  chemically treated grains and hay. Respect for their comfort and safety is a high priority.   We  sell pasture-raised , grass-finished  Angus Beef from a closed herd ;  pasture-raised Pork (Berkshire or Landrace); pastured poultry and turkeys, and laying hens live in a spacious barn in the winter time and roam freely in  warm weather.

 Sunshine Organic Farm is certified through Global Organic Alliance. The third party independent audit done on the farm yearly confirms you are buying exactly what the product is advertised to be and can be tracked from birth to your table. This paperwork trail is your assurance that the food you and your Family eat is truly grown according to the standards you desire for optimum health and well-being.
Ed grows the wheat, oats, barley and hay fed to the livestock and feed rations are made on the farm.  Organic Soy Meal  is purchased for use in the layer and turkey rations to provide the additional protein needed. Eggs are graded in our federally inspected Egg Grading Station. Beef and Pork are cut and packaged in our on-site meat processing facility. This allows us to offer custom cutting for our customers and we only have meat coming into the building that we raise – no meat from other sources come into the premises.   Smoked meats (ham/bacon/sausage, etc.) will be done in our meat processing facility starting early 2010. We make our own fresh sausages - beef, pork , chicken – with only pure meat from our livestock, high quality spices and enough water to mix the spices – no fillers, binders or preservatives. Hamburger and Chicken Patties are both made on site also – using absolutely nothing but pure organic meat.

Farm visits are welcome with prior arrangements.